a brief history of my musical life:

i was born in 1971. i began music instruction on the trombone at the age of 9, then picked up the guitar & bass at 15. a year later, & hoping to increase my bass technique, i was bribed by the high school marching band director into re-joining the marching band at the sousaphone position to secure (rent-free!) the school’s only upright bass for my own, private study.

i studied music theory & composition in college.

i have held all manner of musical jobs, including, but not limited to:

* playing professionally with various ensembles since 1988 (original, cover, & tribute rock bands; dance bands; jazz bands: big bands & combos; country, alt country, & bluegrass bands; latin & flamenco bands; acoustic singer-songwriters; college orchestra; Irish ensembles; jump-jive & swing bands; & many others, for bars & clubs, public & private parties, weddings, festivals, corporate events, &c.)

* directing a church hand-bell choir for ten years

* writing & arranging for my various groups, including the Lincoln-Way High School Drum Line in New Lenox, Illinois (& serving as technician at their summer camps for several years)

* teaching private lessons for students of all ages

* running sound re-enforcement for bands, public orators, & churches

* post-production audio & music design

many of these jobs remain current – check my events page for where i’m working.